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Solar Rooftop Company in Pune

We are solar rooftop company in Pune, Maharashtra, India. We deals in solar electricity, solar air conditioners, solar water heaters, solar lights, solar cookers & solar panel system.

CAPEX with fixed
CAPEX with bank
CAPEX without bank
Initial Investment in project By Investor By Investor By roofowner By roofowner
Downpayment 0 - 10% project cost 0 - 10% project cost 30 - 40% project cost 100% project cost
Monthly payments To investor for electricity consumed Fixed Amount every month to the investor for 3 - 5 years Bank EMI NIL
When do you own the plant? (From when you get completely free electricity?) After end of PPA term (15 - 25 years) After the end of 3 - 5 years. From Day 1 From Day 1
Primary savings through Lower tariff compared to current tariff during PPA period and free power after that Savings are paid to the investor for the tenure decided and free power after that. Tax savings through accelerated depreciation upto 80% project cost & free electricity after fully servicing bank loan (4 to 6 years) Tax savings through accelerated depreciation upto 80% project cost & free electricity from Day 1
Best Suited for Industries / Factories Cooperative Society (Residential / Commercial) ALL ALL



  • Site Survey
  • Initial Techno – Commercial Proposal
  • Preliminary Project Feasibility Report
  • Proposal based on PPA / BOT / CAPTIVE MODEL


  • Preparation of all Electrical, Mechanical & Civil Drawings.
  • System Sizing Calculations.
  • Basic Engineering of Plant.
  • Preparation of BOM.

Electrical Installations

  • Procurement and supply of all Electrical Components.
  • Erection & Mounting of Solar PV Modules.
  • Interconnection of Solar PV Modules.
  • Laying of DC Cable from String combiner Box to Inverter.
  • Cable Terminations as per Drawing.
  • LT Panel Connections
  • Commissioning of Inverters.
  • Laying of AC Cables from Inverter to LT Panel.

Mechanical Installation

  • Procurement & Supply of Mounting Structure as per drawing.
  • Installation of Solar PV Module Mounting Structure.

Civil Installation

  • Procurement and supply of all civil materials.
  • Construction of Mounting Structure Foundation.
  • Formation of Trenches for DC/AC & Communication Cable.

Testing & Commissioning

  • Inspection of All Components.
  • Pre-commissioning testing of all equipments.
  • System Commissioning & Post Commissioning Testing.
  • System handover to Owner & Training for above scope of Work.

About Us

VAIKALPIK URJA works on the mantra of "BACK TO NATURE" in development of Green Technology Solution which is Environment friendly.

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